Hunterdon County
New Jersey


Township Committee meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Lebanon Township Municipal Building.

Committee Members

Beverly Koehler
(908) 537-2946
Liaison Roles and Positions: Animal Control, Local Schools, Recreation Commission, Library, Highlands Council, Board of Health Chair (subject to Board of Health nomination and vote), and Planning Board Class III

Marc Laul
(908) 752-1738
Liaison Roles and Positions: IT/Social Media, Buildings and Grounds, EOSC, LOSAP, and Police

Tom McKee, Deputy Mayor
(908) 638-5020
Liaison Roles and Positions: Legal Matters, Municipal Court, Historians, COAH, Emergency Management/FEMA, and CWA Contract

Mike Schmidt, Mayor
(908) 537-9496
Liaison Roles and Positions: Administration and Finance, Open Space Coordinator, Fire Department, Zoning Officer, Planning Board Class I, and CWA Contract

Brian Wunder
(908) 832-2042
Liaison Roles and Positions: Park Committee, Food Pantry, Veteran's Haven, Relocation Assistance Officer, Municipal Coordinator of Hunterdon County Senior Services, and DPW

Current Agenda

(Note: We try to post the current agenda before the Committee Meetings, however, last minute changes sometimes prevent us from doing so.)

Meeting Minutes

01/03/2018- Audio
01/04/2017- Audio
01/18/2017- Audio
02/01/2017- Audio
02/15/2017- Audio
03/01/2017- Audio
03/15/2017- Audio
04/05/2017- Audio
04/19/2017- Audio
05/03/2017- Audio
05/17/2017- Audio
06/07/2017- Audio
06/21/2017- Audio
07/05/2017- Audio
07/19/2017- Audio
08/02/2017- Audio
08/16/2017- Audio
09/06/2017 *
09/20/2017- Audio
10/04/2017- Audio
11/01/2017- Audio
11/15/2017 *
12/06/2017- Audio
12/20/2017- Audio
* meeting canceled


Code of the Township of Lebanon, NJ
The ordinances of the Township of Lebanon adopted by the Township Committee.

2017 Ordinances Adopted by the Township Committee

2017-01 Ordinance to exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and to establish a cap bank

2017-02 Salary ordinance

2017-03 Ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 125, Article II concerning the licensing of kennels of the code of the Township of Lebanon

2017-04 Capital ordinance authorizing various public improvements and acquisitions

2017-05 Ordinance amending and supplementing Schedule XVII of Chapter 7 of the Township Code regarding speed restrictions on certain streets

2017-06 Ordinance amending and supplementing the Township Code in order to allow for the issuance of telecom permits

2017-09 Ordinance authorizing the purchase of 244 +/- acres of property designated as block 50 lot 10, block 51 lots 1 and 5, block 53 lot 12 and block 56 lot 15