Hunterdon County
New Jersey


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The purpose of the Association is to conduct athletic programs for youth and to use these programs as a means of:

  1. Instructing youth in the fundamentals of team sports
  2. Promoting healthy physical activity
  3. Fostering good sportsmanship and fair play
  4. Providing exposure to competitive team activity

The LTAA believes every child should have the opportunity to enjoy sports in an environment conducive to maximum participation, healthy learning, and fun. LTAA programs are designed with a focus on the individual. We stress that each individual should be involved in a positive environment that helps that individual grow. Each child should gain equally from the physical activity and the development of social relationships with peers, coaches and parents. This fundamental approach should apply equally to naturally athletically gifted children and those children who may never participate in sports at a competitive level in either youth sports programs or high school and national programs.

Participation With Your Child

It must be understood and remembered that the LTAA officers, commissioners, coaches, assistant coaches and score keepers are all community members who volunteer their time and experience to benefit the children of our community. Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged. Participation with your child as a coach or an assistant coach or in any capacity can be a source of great joy and satisfaction. At the same time, your child will benefit from having that participation. By sharing this experience with them you can enrich their lives, build their confidence, and improve your relationship with them.